Crime Scene Cleanup from Professionals

Crime scene cleanup is a messy job. Blood, body fluids, biohazards and damaged properties all make it difficult to clean up. This then raises the question of who is responsible for crime scene cleanup. Is it the police, EMTs or the coroner who clean up after crime scenes?

It is logical that the police, crime scene investigators and forensic are the ones who can handle the crime scene clean up task, right? Well if you do believe so, you are wrong. This article will provide clarity why.

Crime scenes are graphic and not for the faint-hearted. In the event that a murder, terrorist attack or any other crime where death occurs or blood is spilled care should be taken in cleaning up the area.

First of all, clean up can only take place after investigations and all the evidence has been gathered. After that comes the question of who to clean up.

Contrary to what most people believe, the police, EMTs and coroners do not have the required resources to clean up after crime scenes. All that they do is control the situation and try to keep off people from the scene.

The daunting task of cleanup is therefore left to the friends and family members of the victim. For people who have suffered a huge loss, clean up after a crime scene is near to impossible. This provides them with an alternative choice of contacting crime scene cleaners.

In fact, it is not an alternative but a recommendation that crime scene cleaners be contacted for their services. The reason is that crime scenes provide a good opportunity for the spread of infectious diseases, whether bloodborne or airborne. Without proper clean up, the occupants of a building or an environment that was the scene of the crime are at a risk.

Crime scene cleaners provide a long lasting solution hence safeguarding your safety. They do this with the use of hospital-grade disinfectants, state of the art technology to determine the existence of viruses and proper disposal of the waste from the crime scene.

They also wear protective suits to avoid contamination and spread of any infectious disease. All this are resources that the police do not possess.

Crime scene cleaners will also know how to handle chemicals and other biohazards at the crime scene.

There you have it. The next time you need crime scene clean up services, do not wait for the police EMTs or coroners to clean it up.

We have teams of OSHA certified northeast and Long Island trauma cleaners located up and down the eastern seaboard, so no job is out of reach.

Contact the nearest certified crime scene cleaners for disinfection and proper clean up.


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