We are a professional crime scene cleaning company, the police, crime scene investigators, and fire department perform many crucial tasks after a homicide. They have a lengthy process of processing, to help solve the crime; but one thing their job description does not cover is a clean up service. The cleaning is left behind to be done by the family and loved ones of the deceased. In the past, these kinds of cleanups required a garden hose, some household chemicals, and a few towels. Today, we are offering you a cleaning service that is done using top of the line products, and can help you restore your space to look exactly the same as before.

With time we have become a vital ally to the police & fire department, constables, body shops, funeral homes, constables, management companies, other state agencies, and most importantly to survivors. After a tragic event, our services are helpful for the family, as if they had to clean it up themselves it will create more than some painful memories. Family and loved ones will have a peace of mind that the crime scene has been disinfected, and restored back to its original state. Our services are also vital, as we will clean up all the blood, and bodily fluids, that can cause infections and diseases. Our Biohazard remediation will help wipe clean the crime scene of all the blood, bodily fluids, and infections & diseases.

(Right to left) Staff Sgt. Wesley Barlow, 374th Aerospace Medicine Squadron bioenvironmental engineering technician, and Airman 1st Class Marissa Kiracofe, 374th Civil Engineer Squadron emergency management technician, respond to a simulated unknown substance during a hazardous material training exercise at Yokota Air Base, Japan, Feb. 20, 2014. The primary purpose of the exercise was joint crime scene preservation training among emergency management, bioenvironmental engineers, fire department, security forces, medical technicians, and Air Force Office of Special Investigations to ensure minimal scene disturbance while completing presumptive identification, sampling and evidence collection. (U.S. Air Force photo by Osakabe Yasuo/Released)

There is no doubt that losing a loved one can cause enough pain for a lifetime, which is why our services are essential to help them through this time of pain and loss. Another major service we provide is the collection of evidence left behind. Once the crime scene unit has swept the place for all the evidence they can find, and then they leave the place as it is. Which means by the time we come in to clean the place, it is in the same condition and no evidence has been contaminated. We have taken out time to professionally train our team of cleaners to keep an eye out for evidence that might have been left behind by accident. Our team will carefully place that evidence in the evidence bag and deliver it to the police station.

We offer an emergency 24/7 hour cleaning services, where we tend to be discrete about the services we provide. Which is at times essential to the matter at hand, which is why we are preferred by many. No matter what time of the day it is, our services will be always open to our clients. We understand the matter of efficiency, which is why we offer services of professional grade but in half the time. Our top of the line gear, and industrial chemicals gives us an advantage over others, as we can restore your home or property to the same way in no time. There is no need to sit and wait around for any reason, as we will be there to help you move on from this tragic incident you are going through.