Blood cleanup

Blood spills are not limited to crime scenes, they can be found in numerous cases. While some blood spills are horrible than others, but even a single drop of blood can cause someone a lifelong crippling disease.

If you or someone you know is unfortunate enough to need our professional services, we are a professional blood cleanup service in New York City. When you have lost someone, you are suffering already; and to add the pain of cleaning up their blood is just too much. Which is why we are offering our professional services, to help survivors move on from this tragic event.

We manage all aspects of cleaning up blood, and other bodily fluids; while keeping in mind that our main aim is to restore the affected location or vehicle to a safe status. We use professional grade gear, cleaning products, and equipment required to clean up blood & clean the area with chemicals.

Our blood cleanup services can be used for cleaning vehicles, homes, and buildings after accidents, suicide, murder, or any situation that has caused a blood spill. There are times when an untrained professional can fail at this task, as they are not well trained, well equipped, and do not possess the right grade chemicals. Which is why the area is not properly cleaned as they can miss small hidden areas the blood and bodily fluids could have travelled to. To ensure you are protected, along with your family members; do it the right way and call us now, and we will be there to help your family move forwards in a safe and healthy environment.

Blood_stain_of_the_civetBloodborne pathogens & Risks: are infectious microorganisms found in human blood. These pathogens can cause various diseases in humans who come into contact with contaminated blood. These Bloodborne pathogens include, but are not limited to, Human immunodeficiency virus, Hepatitis C, or Hepatitis B. A small needle stick or even a prick can expose you to many pathogens. Which is why we advise you not to start a blood cleanup process yourself, no matter how messy the situation is.

We have an exposure control plan that works to protect you and our staff. With the help of industrial grade protection measure, our staff can easily dispose of blood, and clean up any risk of spreading diseases. Our Biohazard cleaning chemicals can be used on blood found in homes, building, cars, and even on the street. Just washing away the blood with water is not enough, you have to get rid of all its traces completely with the help of industrial grade chemicals to help prevent risks.

Our team uses hazmat suits, boots, goggles, rubber gloves, and other protective gear to steer clear of any such situation. They are given vaccination against such viruses, and get a medical check up regularly. This is a sensitive moment, not just when it comes to emotions, but also health wise.