There are many of us who wish to keep each and every time they have ever owned. Home owners argue that it’s their home and they can live, how they wish to; but there are various side effects of hoarding. It is not a safe, enjoyable, or a functional environment to live in. There have been so many cases where the homeowner was trapped under a clutter, and even first responders were not able to get to them. There were other cases in which the entire first floor collapsed on a homeowner and killed her due to the clutter weight she had collected on the first floor. A resident lay dead on her front porch, but no-one noticed due to the clutter, when finally someone did it took first responders 3 hours to clear a path to get to her body. There was a time when first responder lost his own life trying to make a way to get to the homeowner’s. These are just a few examples of how hoarding can kill you, and here are a few dangers caused by hoarding:

  • Fire – the most obvious danger is that hoarding can spread a fire so quickly that owners won’t be able to get out of the house.
  • Falling hazard – the more weight you put on your home, that isn’t built to take; the higher chances are of it falling.
  • Health hazard – the clutter you have collected will start to rot after some times, as it was not meant to be saved for such a long period. Cluster can easily hide eighty different kinds of mold, that can cause health issues.
  • Biohazards – 10% to 20% of the homes that have a hoarding situation going to have Biohazards due to body fluids not being properly disposed of.

ChaosThese are just a few dangers of hoarding, that can lead to many more problems. Hoarding cleanup services, does not only require a deep cleanup; it also requires getting rid of the cluster properly. Hoarding cleanup can lead to various kinds of cleaning and can even take up to a few days to clean.

We offer you and your loved ones a safer living space by taking on hoarding cleanup services of your property. You must have understood by now that hoarding is not just bad for your health, it can cause death. Which is why we should all work together to advise our loved one to lead a healthier life. As hoarding goods that can contain a dangerous decomposition process, at times things can leak chemicals, and fumes that can make the living health conditions worse than before. We are a professional team, who is equipped to handle such situations. Once we are done with your property, you will not be able to recognize it.