Our Crime Scene Cleanup Services, are available for hire in New York City. Our team of professional and compassionate crime scene cleanup service is ready to take on their next project. We are a certified company with an emergency hotline, because we believe our services are required around the clock. On your call our customer representative service operator will dispatch our crime scene cleanup team, who is fully equipped to clean and sanitize situations from homicide, to suicide.

When dealing with crime scene cleanup, we know exactly how dangerous the Biohazards left behind from blood and other bodily fluids are. Which is why we suggest you stay away from the scene and let the professionals handle it. Because bodily fluids and blood can carry pathogens such as, E.coli, HIV, H1N1, MRSA, or Swine Flu. Which is why we wash away all the blood and bodily fluids left behind with industrial chemicals, and dispose of anything covered in blood according to the state law.

When you are dealing with the death of a loved one the last thing you need to hear is that not getting rid of the crime scene will bring them diseases. Which is why we have trained our professionals to handle the situation with a light touch, and help the family move on. There is no need for a family member to go through the horrible truth again and again, which is why we will clear out all the signs of a crime scene; restore it back. As after a tragedy, the last thing loved ones need is a constant reminder.

5115705373_bb227ab3af_bIf the investigation is still ongoing, it will be best to call us after crime scene unit has collected all evidence they could find, as that is the best time for us to come in with top of the line equipment to look around for potential evidence CSU might have missed. Our team member will take on anything they feel could be potential evidence and report it to the local police division. There are times when small specks of blood, or small stands of hair go unnoticed by the CSU; but as we will be there with the intention to clean, we will perform an extra through checking. Such checks can reveal potential evidence, that might even help the case.

We believe that a quick crime scene cleanup is exactly what the family and loved ones needs at this time, once the police and other state departments have taken what they need; the next step should be to move on. The only way the family can move on in peace is by knowing what caused the incident, and by not having to relive the moment over and over again. Making the loved ones clean up what is left behind is not just cruel, it is unsafe as it can transmit many diseases. Which is why our 24/7 services will be useful to help move on.