In just New York city alone, we have seen 295 homicide cases so far this year, these shocking number of deaths mean so many people have lost a loved one this year alone. There is no doubt that this is a traumatic experience, and can leave you emotionally challenged for a while. Just imagine someone sitting there looking at the blood and what is left behind after the police have collected evidence and sealed the scene. We understand exactly how difficult this time can be, going back to the same place after trying so hard to move on; and that is exactly why we offer crime scene cleanup.

Crime scene cleanup, is a cleanup of bodily fluids, blood, amongst other potentially infectious material. It is also known as Biohazard remediation, because Biohazard cleaning is required to clean up a crime scene completely.

There is no doubt that once the police is done, you are left alone to clean up the mess left behind. Which is why our services are not just used by the police department, they are used by anyone who wants a clean hazardous blood, and bodily fluids. We pay close attention to cleaning up, and ensure that the place is restored to its proper order; to help the survivors lessen the shock of their experience.

There are times when we help investigate in the process of solving the crime, as we offer a thorough cleaning; and keep our eye out for evidence that could have been missed. Of course taking care of the investigation is the police team’s duty, but there are times when some small details get overlooked. So when we show up for a cleanup, we do a thorough search of the area to ensure nothing was missed during the process. There are times when a small speck of blood, or some hair might have been missed by the CSI team. Whatever we find, we hand it over to the police, and ensure it is not contaminated in the process. Our technicians are fully trained and educated on such matters, and can handle and preserve any potential evidence.

One of the main reasons people ask for our services is to have some peace of mind, because we know you have suffered enough which is why we offer a 24/7 hour services. Our around the clock services ensure that your property is cleaned up and restored back just in no time. All our technicians are fully capable of working with the police and forensic experts, to follow back on potential evidence found.

There is no-one in the world who deserves to go through this, but unfortunately there are times when deaths are caused both naturally and by a crime. These are the times you can call us in, to help lessen the trauma. We are a professional crime scene cleanup team, and are fully skilled and equipped to clean a death scene.

There are many technical aspects to this process, for instance body decomposition process is a health and environmental risk for those living in the area. We have all the tools and special lights that help us detect blood, feces, urine, and other bodily fluids. These fluids can be cleaned from furniture, walls, boards, etc. The major issue with such fluids is that they can carry many diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis MRSA, Aids, etc. these diseases can easily spread if not cleaned properly. Because this is the last thing you need when you and your family are already going through so much.

Deaths caused by gunshots, can leave behind many splatters on the wall, floor, and furniture. In such cases our services are especially needed, because only we can clean out the place and do the necessary restoration work properly. We lessen the family’s distress by removing any and all indications that a crime has been committed. Our aim is to leave the place as spotless as possible, because we know how hard it is to walk back into the same space.

We are equipped with latest hazmat suits, goggles, boots, rubber gloves, along with other protective gear required for a cleanup. Our technicians are emotionally and mentally trained to handle any situation thrown at them. They are experts in handling sensitive situations, and deaths. They are trained to deal with surviving family members and friends, and can take over important matters such as insurance; or other help you might need.

A crime scene cleanup is just what you and your family needs to help move past the incident. When you lose a loved it, it stays with you for a long time; but we want to help you in the process and make sure you are not reminded of the situation when you are trying to move forward in life. So call us now, and start moving towards a better tomorrow.