We are a suicide clean up service based in New York City, to help those hundreds of families that are caught off guard by the misfortune of a suicide. When we think of someone dying, we imagine them comfortable in a hospital bed, just falling asleep in a peaceful way. We want to believe they are at peace, and in a better place now. However, there are deaths that are not so peaceful for the dead, and for the family and loved ones he/she has left behind. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the USA. These lives are taken in a way family members are unable to deal with, which is where we come in. Our professionals will take care of any matter that needs to be dealt with.

The reason we are required is simple, after the death there might be blood loss, body composition, and debris. A body that is left untouched, even just after a few hours of death starts releasing fluids that are Biohazard. Although, you might be strong enough to cleanup after the death, but you will expose yourself to so many unhealthy bacteria. Which is why we are called in, our team of professionals has top of the line gear, equipment, and industrial grade chemicals. Which is essential to clean the area properly, and rid it of any harmful Biohazard left behind by the body. When decomposition starts there are body fluids such as urine, feces, and blood that starts to seep away from the body. If left untouched for days it will start to move onto the furniture, carpets, floorboards, and anything near the body will be contaminated.

Our suicide clean up service includes cleaning up blood spatters, bodily fluids, blood, Biohazards, etc. there are times when the matter involves drywalling, floor boarding, removal of carpet, furniture, ceiling; any and all depending on the suicide. They are fully capable of restoring anything they have removed, and restoration is a part of the process of cleaning up. A suicide can be messy, or clean it all depends on how the person chose to take his/her life, but we understand how messy it is for the family and loved one. So we are here to serve them the best we can.

USMC-04952Our team of professionals uses special materials to clean up the place, and rid it of any harmful bacteria. We use special lights along with other tools to help determine how further the matter has moved. We have the ability to dispose of any contaminated matter properly, and restore the location to its former safe self. We offer a 24/7 emergency service, and can reach you in a matter of a few hours. We understand that the matter at hand is crucial, and the sooner it can be taken care of the better. We can help you make arrangements for the body to be buried or cremated once the police has ruled it as a suicide. This is a stressful and painful time for family and friends, which is why we provide our team with special training to handle this sensitive matter with care.