We are a professional cleaning company based in New York City, that offers various cleaning services; one of which is unattended death clean up. One of the most challenging situation in life is when you find out that a loved one has passed away, and that it takes days or longer to find their bodies. Family and friends who are dealing with the death of a loved one, should not be the one cleaning up. This experience can put in memories that will haunt them for years to come, which is exactly why we have decided to offer our services for unattended death cleanups. It is not just the disturbing nature of decomposition, it is the health hazards it brings with it. The remediation situation in this matter should be handled by professional cleaners like us. Using regular grade cleaning supplies and material will not get the job done.

When biological matter is left untreated, it can lead to serious damage, as airborne bacteria cause odors; which are not just unpleasant, they are also a huge health hazard for future occupants. A decomposed body can begin to impact your home, just within a few hours depending on the weather condition. It only takes a few days for a decaying body to ruin personal property such as clothes, carpeting, books, and furniture will be ruined forever.

Abandoned_house_in_LeetonWe are an experienced Biohazard remediation and unattended death cleanup service, who wear protective gear, and use industrial grade material to rid the house of any and all health hazards. We can arrange for the body to be buried or cremated as per the wishes of the family members. We follow a set protocol to return the property to its one safe and clean state. We are also equipped to remove affected structural elements, along with personal property. We can then dispose of this matter as states by the state law for Biohazard regulations.

We clean all surfaces, walls, and anything the matter could have touched. Once we are sure the home is fully cleansed, deodorized and disinfected; we run a full check to test if anything is left behind. Our unattended death cleanup services are open to family, friends, and property managers. We are on call 24/7, so we can be there whenever you call. As we have explained above that the body decomposition process is quick, so the sooner we can get there the better.